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As in-house designer for outdoor furniture company Wintons Teak, I was responsible for developing a cohesive premium brand image via print and online graphics.

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Homepage redesign

wintons teak website

Design and coding of electronic mailouts:

wintons teak edm

Store graphics

Window sticker for Wintons Teak Moore Park sale

price stand

10m lightbox with (own) stitched landscape photo of local area

10 metre lightbox of photos from Lilli Pilli Point

Promotional booklets for product lines

stainless steel booklet

Blogs and banners

blog page for Wintons Teak

Product photography (studio)

wintons teak matz chair

wintons teak manhattan deep seater

wintons teak knox table and chairs

Product photography (in-situ)

wintons teak living set

wintons teak at palm beach

wintons teak table close up