Europe Photo Book

This book, completed in 2012, is a photographic diary of my first visit to Europe in the winter of 2011.

Every city we visited is introduced in the book with a unique title page which uses colours and other visual cues which are reminiscent of how that city or area looked and felt. The numbers refer to the dates we were there.

Europe book title page

London title page. Big city feel, both modern and strongly historical

oxford title page

This Bath title page uses a photo taken on my film camera to emphasise the place's heritage

Norway pages of photo book. Cold and grand.

Koeln title page. Everything in Cologne was overshadowed by the monumental cathedral.

Rotterdam title page. Our best day in Rotterdam was cycling to the windmills.

Berlin title page

Dublin title page

Images of Dublin, Ireland

Barcelona title page. When I think of Barcelona, I think of the colour of paprika.


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