Chapter 2, a wallpaper of sorts

I bought a book full of Victorian wallpaper designs knowing full well the Victorian era was 3 decades off Persuasion. Wallpapers weren’t really a thing during Georgian times because of lack of mass printing technologies, unless you had all the riches and could afford sheets and sheets of hand made decorative paper. As Elizabeth had refrained from redecorating the living room, I assume the interior walls of Kellynch Hall would just have been painted.

Drawing of Bath, UK

Here’s something that may work as a wallpaper for your desktop. It is Bath, UK. Click it and it will take you the the hi-res version.

I’ve changed the date for the release of chapter 2 to the 17th of March. I have decided that a long format book such as this would be much better read by the chapter rather than by the page, and so that is how I will be posting them.